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LANGUAGE :Spanish is the official language.However,if you speak English or Portuguese,you won´t have any problems in getting around.
LAW ENFORCEMENT : The federal police patrols the streets on foot,on horseback and patrol cars.Policeman wear blue uniforms.The coast guard takes care of the port area and the maritime district.They wear brown uniforms.
SECURITY: Buenos Aires is,generally speaking,a safe city, however,it still is a big city.If you bear in mind the following recommendations,you will enjoy your stay without major problems.
  • Keep your passport,air tickets and cash in your hotel or apartment
  • Do not walk on lonely streets or parks at night.
  • Do not stop taxis after 10 pm.Call radio taxis
TIP :Tips are another porteño custom.A 10% tip is customary at restaurants and cafes.As to other services,tips are up to you
EXCHANGE:The peso is the Argentine currency and it has a one-to-one parity with the dollar.The exchange rate varies slightly from 99 to 100 pesos every 100 dollars.If you need to exchange foreign currency,you can go to an official exchange ofiice or bank
AUTOMATIC TELLERS: Automatic tellers are numerous around the city .They may be used to obtain cash like Mastercard and Visa.Many ATs perform transactions in US dollars and pesos
BANKING AND SHOPPING HOURSRegular baking hours are from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm.
Stores are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.However,you will find open stores on main avenues on Saturday afternoon and even on Sundays.Shopping centers,are open every day form 10 am to 10 pm.
CREDIT CARDS Most stores and restaurants accept major credit cards

  • January 1:New Year
  • April 13:Good Friday
  • May 1 :Labor Day
  • May 25:First Argentine Government
  • June 10:National Sovereignty Day
  • June 20:Flag Day
  • July 9:Independence Day
  • August 17:Anniversary of the death of General San Martín
  • (Official date of observace ,August 20)
  • October 12:Colombus Day (Official date of observace
  • ,October 15)
  • December 8:Conception Day
  • December 25:Christmas

It works at 220 volts,50 Hz
Units of weight
1 gram=0.035 ounces
1 kilogram=1000 grams=2.3 pounds
Units of lenght
1 centimeter=0.39 inches=0.033 feet
1 meter=0.62 miless=1.09 yardas
0º centigrade (0ºC)=32º Fahrenheit
100º centigrade (0ºC)=212º Fahrenheit

Clothes sizes / Medidas de ropa

Women wear / Ropa Femenina

Dresses /Vestidos y trajes

Shoes / Zapatos







Men wear / Ropa Masculina

Suits / Trajes

Shoes / Zapatos







Blouses,tee-shirts and sweaters / Blusas ,remeras, y sweters





Some basic phrases / Algunas frases básicas

Good morning

Buenos Días

Good afternnon

Buenas Tardes

Good evening

Buenas noches

How are you?

Como está Usted?

I´m fine,and you?

Estoy muy bien , ¿Y Usted?

Thank you very much

Muchas Gracias

You´re welcome

DE nada

My name is ...

Mi nombre es...

CAn you help me?

¿Puede ayudarme?

Do you speak English?

¿Habla Usted Inglés?

I don´t speak English

Yo no hablo Español

Excuse me,I got lost

Lo siento,estoy perdido

Shopping / Compras


Pago al contado

On sale


How much is this?

Cuanto cuesta esto?

I am just looking

Sólo estoy mirando

I want to buy...

Yo quiero comprar...

Do you accept credit cards?

¿Acepta tarjetas de crédito?

Restaurant / Restaurante

May I see the menu?

Podría ver el menú?

What do you recommend?

Que me recomienda?

Waiter,the bill please

Mozo ,la cuenta por favor