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Ezeiza Aiport operates with international flights,it´s located at about 45 minutes from downtown.For international call at (5411) 4480-0224 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airport
is located at 20 minutes from downtown.For information call (5411) 4514-1515/7 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
The bus terminal of Buenos Aires
It´s located in Retiro,and at the same time a few blocks from The English Tower, next to Retiro Train Station.It´s the departing point for different bus lines that will transport you to areas within the country as well as to the bordering nations.For information you can call (5411) 4310-0700 from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Bus and train terminal  station

Train terminals
  • Retiro,located on Ramos Mejía Av.Between Libertador Av. and Antártida Argentina Av.This terminal has three railway branch lines:Bartolomé Mitre,Manual Belgrano and San Martín .It´s the departing point for multiple lines towards Greater Buenos Aires and within the country.For information call (5411) 4317-4000 during working hours.
  • Constitución:Located between Brasil and Lima Ave.is the head of a series of branch lines towards the South of Buenos Aires Province.For information cal (5411) 4304-0038
  • Once:Located on Pueyrredón Ave.between Bartolomé Mitre and Juan Domingo Perón St. is the center of the railway branch lines towards the West of Buenos Aires Province.The telephone for information is (5411) 4317-4407/4445
  • Federico Lacroze:It´s the base of General Urquiza Railway Line, that links Chacarita neighborhood to other areas in Buenos Aires Capital City and Greater Buenos Aires.It´s located across from Chacarita Cementery on Federico Lacroze Ave. and Corrientes Av. For information call (5411) 4556-0044.
Subway:A wide net of subway stations link the most important spots in Buenos Aires.It is the fastest and most practical way to travel throughout the city.The token has a price of $ 0.70
  • LINE A takes you from Plaza de Mayo,where stand the Casa Rosada,,to Primera Junta,in Caballito neighborhood.
  • LINE B sets out from Leandro N.Alem (where the Luna Park is located) , up to Federico Lacroze,in Urquiza train station.
  • LINE C crosses all the other lines,going from Retiro up to Constitucion.
  • LINE D is born in the Cathedral up to Congreso de Tucumán ,in Belgrano and at last
  • LINE E taht goes from Bolivar Sattion,next to the Townhall,to Plaza de los Virreyes,in Flores.The token has a price of $ 0.70

Buses .There are more than 150 bus lines that cover all spots of the city.
At present there are two fares in the metropolitan lines:$ 0.75 and $ 0.80 according to the journey.You should pay with coins of $ 1 , $0.50 $ 0.25 $ 0.10 $ 0.05 .
Charters to the airport:From Ezeiza there are buses that will take you to the city downtown ,there are taxi in different exit doors,remises,or very comfortable buses that will leave you in downtown Buenos Aires.
Cabs & Remises.Should you need a taxi,you´d better call and ask for one to pick you up wherever you are,being charged by the trip form the place you´ve been picked up to the place you´re traveling.Within the Federal Capital city,the lowest fare is $ 1.12 and the clocks shows the total cost of the trip.They are easily spotted beacause of they´re black with yellow roof.

Remises,are cars with a chauffeur that will take you wherever you go,being charged a previously fixed fare.

River services We suggest your visiting the cities of Montevideo or Colonia,both belong to our neighboring country,Uruguay.One of the most amusing ways of getting there is on board of a modern vessel that will cross de la Plata River.The following companies have different proponsals in regard to the matter:
Buquebus: (5411) 4316-6400
Cacciola: (5411) 4393-6100
Ferrytour: (5411) 4511-1350